Access both Stable and Cutting edge NVIDIA drivers

We have version 520.56.06.
There is fixes to lingering bugs available in latest 510 , and 525 but we cannot benefit from them since Garuda is stuck on the out dated 520.

TO be clear: it is NOT Garuda's fault but Nvidia's since THEY are releasing the fixes in the wrong versions and neglecting the 520 which are supposed to be the cutting edge version....

Still it would be good to have access to both the stable 510 branch AND the cutting edge 525 one in Garuda....

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Hello there, I took the liberty to modify the subject of this topic, as it was too misleading, when reading the subject I was 100% certain you meant that Garuda's Nvidia drivers are bugged. Garuda doesn't use its own Nvidia drivers AFAIK.

Then your post mentioned to have access to other versions of drivers.

In order to make it clearer I changed the subject, so people don't read that Garuda has a bug on Nvidia's drivers. :smiley:


Thanks for clarifying since i did emphasize that the whole situation wasnt Garuda's responsability. I would appreciate not being stuck with out dated drivers in the 520 series but have access to 525 instead. As a acherry on the top , an optional 510 access would be top notch !


525 drivers are dropping today. I posted a blurb about them in the Linux Tech and News thread.


oh man you made my evening much brighter ! I'm struggling with the hdmi out bug for a month and a half now.


Based on what Rodney mentioned, are you still requesting that Garuda Team provides access to cutting edge, and possibly even more unstable, Nvidia drivers?

If not, then you can mark Rodney's post as the "solution" so this thread will be marked as such. :slight_smile:

Sometimes it's better to wait a little bit before upgrading drivers, especially certain GPU drivers.


Well the question is simple but not the answer thanks in no small part to Nvidia muddying the very definition of what is cutting edge , beta and stable.
Right now there is no less than 3 branches for two specifications.
For the advanced/cutting edge there's 3 branches 515.xx, 520.xx and 525.xx and it is not clear which is still actively developped and updated. The last bugs have been fixed for the 525.xx so i would advise to retain those instead of the 520.xx.

As for the "stable" drivers at 510.xx is straightforward and imo should be available in Garuda.

Well we are tomorrow and i cant see any nvidia drivers update in Garuda... anytime now or did i misunderstood what you wrote about them dropping very soon ?

If I understand this thread correctly, I think the overall issue with your desire for the newer drivers might be that either you are not familiar with Arch's unstable/testing-to-stable branches, or you want a mix up the stable branch with untested releases (Nvidia drivers for example.)

The 525 drivers were released today. That doesn't mean they go straight into the stable branch. I am sure they are in the Arch's testing branch atm, and it usually takes a day or two for them to drop into stable, that is if there are no issues detected.

If you are wanting Garuda to add in freshly released driver into the stable branch, I would be opposed to this. I think Arch's natural way of filtering new releases works. In this case, I would suggest that you switch to the testing branch of Arch, then you will have the shiny goods as they release.

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Well the whole issue is that using Arch nvidia install has borked Garuda's graphics setup otherwise i wouldnt bring up the issue.(i may be at fault for not understanding the differences but Arch wiki aint no help for Garuda users).
The fact remains that Garuda only offers an outdated version of the nvidia drivers (and not even the stables ones but the cutting edge 520 which arent cutting edge anymore having been supersed by the 525.XX branch) and that particular version have impactful bugs.
It makes sense for Garuda either to update them or to offer access to stable ones within Garuda way of setting up the drivers.

Well I use Nvidia drivers, currently using 520 drivers (current offering from stable,) and I haven't had any issues/bugs...and I game. Are you talking about the Garuda system installation download needs to be updated with newer drivers?

Well if i have to be specific here is the lingering bug that is ruining the experience for a month now : from Nvidia changelog)
Regression in 515.76 that caused blank screens and hangs
whenstarting an X server on RTX 30 series GPUs in some configurations
where the boot display is connected via HDMI.

I get your frustration, but apps and drivers have issues all the time (just browse the bug lists) and so therefor you have basically two options; wait for the newer version to drop into stable or switch to the testing branch.

Other alternatives, I think you can install it manually, or you can temporarily switch your repos to testing and pull it in, although just know this is risky, but it is an option.

Thanks for your quick reply and your help.
My only objection to your answer is my disagreement with your statement : "wait for the newer version to drop into stable" .
My previous point stands and in my opinion Garuda isnt using Stable drivers but outdated cutting edge ones....the default version chosen by garuda arent suitable in my view. (i'm new to the community and want Garuda to do well and be better).

Having said that, i went the 1998 way and downloaded install nvidia drivers on their site. It is working on the new 525.60.11 (for those who may be interested). It is solving my problem so Garuda's team may decide whatever they want with my constructive feedback.

I couldn't help but be rather shocked and offended by this extremely false statement. :face_with_monocle:

Nvidia driver support has basically nothing to do with Garuda. It comes from upstream. No one developing Garuda is making any decisions about what Nvidia drivers are available in the Arch repos or the AUR.

Last night I searched pacman -Ss nvidia and the 525 drivers were already in there. You just need to update your system.


If you want a specific driver use nvidia-all.


This. You can also build your own custom tkg-pds kernel, as well as a custom wine-proton-tkg-bleedingedge. It's the bee's knees.

Link to all Frogging Family's releases:

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