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So I have been testing linux-xanmod-cacule and it a very good experience (aside from picking the wrong audio adapter when I install it, but thats a minor problem) and I wanted to make it the default kernel on my garuda installation but what holded my hand was that when I used protoncaller to launch a game the log said that the nice levels couldn't be set safely because rlimit was <= 20, the game launched and the performance was the same (a little more responsive and man, I never thought I could alt+tab so fast on a celeron) and that left me thinking the questions I am about to ask: Do you devs use any specific linux-zen feature in garuda linux? Me installing linux-xanmod-cacule will not interfere with any responsiveness daemons such as ananicy-cpp, nohang, etc that you use? My primary concern is that to set xanmod as default kernel I have to uninstall zen (because accordingly to what I read (right here in the forum) changing kernel grub order is a pain in the bu.. back, and can cause more issues than it solves) and I dont want to have to reinstall because the kernel is not loading/crashing the system due to some incompatibility. thanks in advice.

Hi @Tian , sorry for late response.

The answer is go ahead.

No, I don't think so. You will be not facing any trouble, as far as I can think. Just for stress test, reboot it a couple of times, and try the applications you are gonna use. If they are working fine, update reboot and then remove Linux-zen.

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thanks a lot! I am gonna install now!

installed from chaotic! small question (sorry for being so annoying) how long would it take to compile it from aur on a laptop celeron of 1.6ghz with a turbo of 2.1? also how much would it occupy the download of it (the kernel gits and all that, slow and expensive internet here)? would it be profit to compile it instead of installing from chaotic?

No, it is not worth compiling, imo.


thanks for the answer

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