About KDE, Wayland, Nvidia and Zen Kernel

I was reading in these forums that it is not possible to use Wayland sessions with Zen kernel. Is that real? If you can use it, how is the performance of Wayland on Nvidia (I have a 2080 Ti). And I need detailed steps to enable it.

The reason that I want to use Wayland is that I have multiple monitors and different refresh rates. Firefox is a bit laggy in X11, specially when you are reproducing video and you are scrolling the video stutters as f*ck...

Thanks for your support.

Not sure about other's experiences... but mine with Wayland on Plasma is crap. Latte-dock doesn't open and I get tons of graphical glitches with textures and UI elements popping in and out or disappearing when mouse isn't over it....I'm using a 3080.

Mine was not as much bad, when i was using KDE plasma with Wayland, there were some glitches like alacritty wasn't properly working but these got easily resolved and after some update it became quite stable,
any way the performance was as much smooth for me that i moved to garuda sway edition for getting to it's full potential and it's working fine for me :slightly_smiling_face:
Nvidia card... i forgotten right now, just click on my avtar to get it....

The best way to find out is to test it by your own self, as it may run good on someone's hardware and on someone's not!

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Where? I haven't read any threads on this forum that say anything about this.


Wayland still not working (Nvidia) - #13 by LimticBun last comment.

I tried last afternoon I just simply can't. I already activated wayland on SDDM but black screened then it returned me to SDDM.
What I am doing wrong!!!!

I have a Sway install, which is Wayland only, and I have only ever used Zen kernel on it. I've never had any issues. :man_shrugging:

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I was able to execute wayland, I have to activate the drm modeset on modules (I have problems on this one because I have to create a file on modprobe.d, I think that file already existed and I have to look for it in other places lol)

So, I was able to use Wayland. The desktop is wonderful and the multiple refresh rates is great. But I have several problems with gaming. Gsync not working. Games as Dota 2 not working as good as on X, even crashing. Incompatibility problems like with latte dock and electron apps like obsidian (blacked out and not working at all lol). Firefox runs wonderful, a lot better than on X, on X it have terribly stuttering problems when scrolling and watching yt videos.

Guess I will have to wait another year to play on wayland.

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Sadly I think a lot of us have heard some version of this sentiment for years.

In general Wayland suffers if you are using Nvidia graphics. Nvidia has more or less refused to even acknowledge the Wayland project. Their lack of cooperation has effectively put huge roadblocks in the way of Wayland running smoothly since Nvidia remains a major player in the graphics card industry.

Wayland has received extensive development effort with any of the more open graphics cards, and there are signs that perhaps Nvidia is beginning to relent a little--perhaps it finally will be the year of Wayland.


If you want to get an Nvidia graphics card working with wayland and KDE, here's the recommended procedure:

  1. Power down your computer and then remove the computer's access plates so that you can get to its innards.

  2. Remove your Nvidia graphics card.

  3. Place the Nvidia graphics card in your freezer for a half hour to retard its clock speed.

  4. Remove Nvidia adapter from the freezer.

  5. Then to make sure there's no frozen condensation left on the card pop it into the microwave to defrost for a couple of minutes.

  6. Remove Nvidia card from the microwave with a pair of oven mits.

  7. Toss the Nvidia graphics adapter in the trash bin.

  8. Profit.

*Some steps in this tutorial are not recommended for those with compromised immune systems or chronic lung afflictions such as COPD. As always seek a consultation for an expert legal opinion before following random advice from the Internet.

It's very possible YMMV, so be sure to have a backup AMD graphics card in case sh1t goes sideways. :rofl:


My mouth literally dropped open in shock while I read this (I hadn't yet realized it was satire). My wife looked up quickly and asked "What's wrong?". Then I read step 5 and burst out laughing!

That was a good one, you had me going for a second! :joy:


Did you installed the wayland protocols also?
If not then do it as what i have experienced is that wayland without wayland protocol doesn't works properly... And it also doesn't get installed for me as a dependecy so i installed it by my own self when i was using wayland on kde...

Edit : also try nvidia dkms driver with it and try other kernels too (my personal recommendation is linux-cacule)

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