About BTRFS and Timeshift

Hello, im new here.
I am woundering, need answers. I was using Ext4 on Linux since i started using Linux, Im dualbooting with Windows 10 and as u can assume I can have only 2 partitions with Linux filesystems... All my other partitions are with some data on them and I dont wanna to play with converting and to lose all my data, so... I have 2 partitions one with BTRFS and other Ext4 coz like I said i was using Ext4 and on that partition I have data to, and there was my Timeshift storing BuckUp, and I am familliar with RSYNC BackUps and I wanna continue using Timeshift with RSYNC so my question is, can I use RSYNC which is storet on that Ext4 partition from BTRFS based Garuda partition? I mean is it gonna be a problem...

I don't understand. Are you asking if you can perform a Timeshift restore on the ext4 partition while booted into Garuda? If so, what are you trying to achieve by that which the Timeshift in the other system doesn't allow?

BackUp is BTRFS based which will be stored on Ext4 partition with RSYNC. I think now is clear...

Edit: I dont wanna use BTRFS option in Timeshift

Edit2: "I don't understand. Are you asking if you can perform a Timeshift restore on the ext4 partition while booted into Garuda?" -Yes

I really don't recommend you to do so.
One question: why you don't want to use timeshift with BTRFS option?

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Because I am not familliar with it, and its uses more space then RSYNC and RYNC is faster for me.

You could do that, but then you will lose the option of restoring a broken system from the grub boot menu.

There is no way rsync is faster. Snapshots are almost instantaneous.


Oh ok, Thx, I think Ill go back to some other distros which give Ext4 option when Installing. Btw i like Garuda, but... there is only BTRFS filesystem option... For me Ext4 is ok.

You can still use ext4 file systems with Garuda. However, your system partitions must be btrfs.


Oo this thread is confusing :roll_eyes:. Why would someone need to convert any filesystem? If you're installing any OS, you would install it on a fresh new partition. For Garuda you need BTRFS but you don't need it for your other EXT4s. You can simply mount them in fstab or whatever.

That’s for better


Yeah, but u said that I will lose restoring from grub menu...

I use ext4 drives for storage with Garuda. Only my system partitions are btrfs. There are no big changes required for a storage drive.

Yes, of course you will lose that because the system is restored from a btrfs snapshot. If you use rsync for timeshift you can't restore from the grub menu.

You can still use rsync to restore with timeshift, but then you will need to use timeshift from a live media to restore if your system is unbootable.


Yes i know that I can use other filesystems, but I have 2 partitions only with Linux filesystems, Ext4 is for Home and other one is for Root, and Ill store buckups on separate partition on other disk which is Ext4 in my case.

Ok, u mean from TTY? Because when I was restoring in past i was doing that from TTY after selecting to boot into my Linux distro.

If you use the command line version of timeshift and rsync from a TTY then I would expect that would still be possible.

However, there are times when that method may not work with extreme breakages. In those types of situations timeshift would need to be used from live media.


Ok, thanks for the answers, I will try that to, when it comes to that, I hope that doesent xD

I always keep USB live media for all OS-es.

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