A word of thanks to the devs

In total, I've used, Archcraft, Arch, Endeavour,OD Debain, ElementaryOS, Ubuntu, Pop_OS!, Linux Lite, Mint, Garuda, Kali and (nearly) Gentoo, and of all of these, I keep coming back to Garuda, always. It works for everything, even on my terrible laptop. It's somehow even better than the 'lighter' distros. So, from me, to the Garuda team, thank you. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


Don't forget the amazing people like @filo ​:slightly_smiling_face:

I wholeheartedly agree.


Hahaha please don't mix me with those who really know, I can only search :blush:
My motto is: ignorance sharpens search skills :grinning:
Beyond that, I don't dare to go ... :wink:


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