A thank you to staff

I just wanna say thank you to staff for making this arch based distro... im glad i use this instead of vanilla arch, i love the customization out the box. its so beautiful. the software selection is awesome and ive nothing but great experiences with this distro so far. Im loving this distro so much im gonna attempt to start a fan channel on my irc network. :smiley: Again, love the distro and thanks staff for all the hard work you're doing!


one thing i forgot to specifically say thank you for, making the installation so easy, when i was trying vanilla arch i was getting a headache trying to figure out proper partitioning and installing the bootloader, but garuda made this so simple. again, thank you! thank you! thank you! i cant say it enough lol


So nice to hear such positive feedback from appreciative users.

Hope you enjoy a long love affair with Garuda.