A terminal is opened in bottom of my Dolphin

When I open my Dolphin ( File Manager), a terminal is opened at the bottom of the window. Firstly I entered


command and then it got terminated. But now, sometimes when I open any file or close any file immediately and open other file at the same time then it again opened blinking as it is not stable and then all my program get closed that are opened in Dolphin. I search for solution of this but I got no answer. Now its getting annoying for me... If any have solution Please provide here.

My deepl.com failed.
to close/open terminal in dolphin and next time use :duck: :duck: :walking_man:


Can I get a permanent solution..

It is permanent (at least for me): after you close the terminal with F4, the next time you open Dolphin the terminal is not there anymore.

PS: :duck: :duck: :walking_man: is fantastic :rofl: