A start Job is running for automatic driver installation via MHWD

Hi all! I am trying to install Garuda Linux, but the when I try to install proprietary drivers, as the menu says, it takes a very long time and it seems to never end. While, the first part of the process seems to work, at some point it just makes me wait forever. It has been going on for more than 2 hours but still nothing. I tried to repeat the process other two times, but still nothing.

I am on a Lenovo IdeaPad 5, Intel i-7, 16gm ram.

Just check sha sum from your download file.
How did you download and which operating system you use?
Please, post the full ISO name, too.
At least, use open source driver, you can install Nvidia drivers after install.


Check fast boot and secure boot are disabled in your bios

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I decided to run with the open source ones. First time didn't seem to work, the second time did.

Anyway, fastboot and secure boot were disabled.

As always, try to answer all questions.
If possible, post the


possible from life ISO, too.

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