A pretty crazy source-based suggestion

I know that this will take a lot of work, but I want to see Garuda edititions that can be entirely compiled from source. There's a small group of people that like to do that for performance enhancements, including myself. And an extreme min-maxing gamers would enjoy it too. Yes, I understand that I'm asking for a lot.

All the package sources are available, you can download and build them yourself if you want to set CPU-specific flags:



I know that they are available, but I meant putting them in an order, container or something else, for convenience. Maybe in the future I will try to post a guide on building this myself from Garuda Barebones, in my spare time.

Not quite sure what you mean by that - there's an Arch Docker image already which can be used for building things?


Gentoo is what you are looking at :crazy_face::grin:


I meant to find a solution to pack all the sources and then just build everything from them. And by "container" I mean a wide definition of container, not only an app isolated from your other applications.

Worth reading:


The problem here is we have users from one end of the spectrum to the other wanting to use Garuda. What you are suggesting is the very far end that there is almost zero demand for.

If I were to judge the predomininent user group testing out Garuda I'd say they are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from yourself.

The typical Garuda user wants to build nothing, prefers a GUI over the terminal, and doesn't even have a clue what you're talking about.

So, taking the use case of the average Garuda user into consideration, I'd say it is extremely unlikely that development effort would focus on this in the future. You are free to set this up yourself if you think there's a demand for it.


Totally agree on this, people like me are not an average Garuda user. Just sharing an interesting thought for min-maxing extremists. Of course I do not really wait for any progress in this direction.


Next: Gentoo based Garuda spin with -Ofast LTO compiled applications :joy:
Went down that rabbithole before I stayed on Garuda. Definitly a nice experience :crazy_face: