A little change to the new topic

I suggest creation of a feature that takes the heading of the topic, and searches on a search engine and gives the link to the user and asks to read it and if they say yes it was helpful just don't go ahead with creation, if no the topic is created.
Because some people just don't know what is google.

Hope this doesn't belong to Feedback => Forums

It already exists, nearly, in this form.

For the search on the internet, you would have to program it first or ask nicely in the discourse forum.

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Sorry? you want me to make it?

If you want me to make it which language is the forum in? i could give u a simple code to search google

Please do not write like in a chat.

Those who don't know google search probably won't read this either.

What and how to programme something in discourse is also something you should ask there.

But since I don't like google very much, you might want to use another search engine.

What do you expect after 30 minutes?
A thousand responses?

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As i said i didn't notice discourse was being used. I didnt udnerstand the meaning of make it yourself. My bag i apologize