A hello and a thank you

Greetings from the USA. I've been using Garuda Dragonized edition as my daily driver since July 2021 after moving from Mint. I use it for gaming, work, and everything in else. I was skeptical Garuda would be stable enough for all of that, but it's worked almost flawlessly. Restoring a system snapshot has never been necessary.

My only real issues so far have been with Bluetooth connectivity and some weird behavior involving automatic audio device switching. I'm working to make sure I've done my research, however, before making forum posts about those.

Regardless, I wanted to post at least once on here to show my appreciation for such a well-crafted distribution. As far as I can tell, Garuda allows me to make the most of my PC's resources and get the latest software without sacrificing reliability. Thank you to the developers and maintainers.


Use forum search engine



Hi there, welcome to the community.
Did you figured out the solution to your connectivity issues? If not, you should create a topic in #issues-assistance:wifi-ethernet-bt category as per your convenience.

Don't forget to include inxi -Faz in your post.


Thank you for the warm welcome. I neglected to research any more over the US holiday weekend, but I hope to look through that category soon and confirm none of the previous posts and their fixes can solve my problem.