A few questions about Garuda Linux

Hello Fellow Linux users
I'm considering a switch to Garuda
I'm currently using EndeavourOs (for those who don't know it's an Arch based distro, with very little change from Base arch.)

I have always wanted to try out BTRFS but have not had luck doing so and I'm too much of a newb to manually partition my drive during the installation
I prefer KDE
I prefer the Sweet theme for KDE
Right now my system looks almost identical to Garuda on the surface.
I'm curious about a few things though

Do you use the base Arch repos, or your own like manjaro does
Access to Aur?
Which dock is it that I see in the screenshots there? Latte? Cairo? other?
What is the latest kernel you support ?

sorry for bombarding you with questions

I've found EndeavourOs to have a GREAT community and be a solid good distro, but there's just one or two things I'd like to change and garuda seems to have that, so I'm just trying to collect more information before I make the jump

If anyone is familiar with endeavour and can point out any other particular differences they've noticed I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance everyone

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We use arch repos

We also use one extra repo - chaotic-aur

It is a binary repo for aur packages

We use latte-dock in kde

Currently we have linux-tkg-bmq kernel as default


This should be more transparent! Where can we find the base repo?

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They have never mentioned it's open-source!!

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Is this OS really open source?

What version # is that on currently?

5.9.14 i think


thank you so so much

check out gitlab for garuda

As already mentioned, we use Arch repo + chaotic AUR repo. The link to chaotic Aur is already there on garudalinux.org website, on every webpage, under "support " in navbar. But if you want, I can share it again,

Also, if you search chaotic AUR in any reputed search engine, you will get all the repos, including server information. Also, you should have a look at chaotic aur at

I think if we aren't open source, then no open source thing exists at all on Earth.



Thank you for the Warm welcome!! Sorry my Post attracted.... lets say "uneducated individuals" to keep it nice.
I'm looking forward to trying Garuda out!

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Along with a quintillian closed-source drivers such as, oh, nVidia! :smiley:

There aren't many desktop operators that can fully ignore closed-source, at least when it comes to various drivers.