A few new questions and maybe ideas about making garuda perfect

hi there only one thing a news feed on my handy wrote about your distro
and there where very nice features mentioned
in short .... i love your distro very much

okay my questions and wishes are

is there a raspberry pi 4 version planned (only a light version complied for)

is there a way to get the thunderbird in the tray by default as you can choose that it starts up in tray and stay there

and i don´t know if its written here in a thread can you change the clock in the background in settings its english format but i changed to german and 24h format everywhere but no change in the background

edit: is there a way to get your firefox settings to a portable version for linux and windows ???

thank you for reading
i hope you understand my worse english
( a little joke for the german programmers
my english is not the yellow from the egg )


Sorry, we don’t have ARM version right now. We are not in position to maintain ARM version and we also lack important equipment.
But you are welcome to make ARM version

I am not sure if it is what you want, but you can make add a widget in tray and enable thunderbird auto start.

It can be changed in settings in kde. It is DE specific. But I never really did it because I “use” 12 hours format.

Yeah, but you have to install all the extensions manually.


You'll need to open Pamac, go to preferences by clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right and enable AUR to find this. Then refresh you databases, then search for systray-x.


thanxxs a lot

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Peek 2020-12-19 13-10
Peek 2020-12-19 12-00

changes there have no effect

Post output as text,

locale -a

read wiki for nice formatted text :slight_smile: please

thank you for helping but seem for me okay only the all setting is not set

Peek 2020-12-19 13-24

the last sentence i don´t understand sorry

oops I forget the link

sgs@i3   ~                                                                                                                                     
❯ locale                                               

sgs@i3   ~                                                                                                                                     
❯ locale -a

and post

inxi -Fxxxza

please, as text :smiley: no pic.

okay it looks like the same or am i wrong

okay but i didn´t no that it is a bug

but next time i will report it and no pics okay :upside_down_face:


Could be a bug, it's KDE you use.
In i3 I have same kernel like you, in KDE 5.9 and no local Problem.

Maybe try other kernel to fix until the 5.10 is fixed.

This can possibly be hardcoded into the Conky theme, thus not changing when changing the system settings :thinking:

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only timezone change but not format
it is right in the topkalendarclock and in settings but not in background and in terminal

${alignr}${font sans mono:size=20}${color1}${time %H:%M}
${alignr}${font sans mono:size=12}${color1}${time %a. %d.%m.%Y}

Overread it :slight_smile:

Which terminal?

❯ date     
Sa 19. Dez 14:16:49 CET 2020
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zsh or yakuake did you mean that

date is the same output

Post inxi from above.
p10k time is wrong in Konsole/Yakuake?
I delete it in i3 , output is not nice for forum posts.

old one.

i can change to bash there is nothing unwanted then there

yes timeformat is 12h
in console and yakuake

Sometimes KDE need a reboot to change things or logout/-in.

Du bringst mich noch dazu i3wm zu zumachen und in KDE zu booten :smiley:
Sind da Einstellungen möglich bezüglich der Zeitdarstellung in den Terminals?

i have changed the timeformat to us and then back .... nothing
and there are no time settings in terminal only other

My last ideas, reboot. No change, install 5.9 and reboot.

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