A Dr460nized beam of light strikes through the darkness

Hi everybody,
my name is Steven,

after a long journey, I finally feel that the time has come to free myself from the force of gravity of the Empire (Windows). Garuda's Dragon is a part of my liberation strike, as is Steam's Proton Option.

Long live the Linux Rebbelion. (the freedom)

in the past i had to switch to Windows whenever i wanted to play something and go back to Linux when i did other activities. Which unfortunately always led to the fact that I started Linux less and less often until it was forgotten and flew off the hard drive.

But the game has changed!

With Steam's Proton even the new game Elden Ring is now playable and funnily enough better than on Windows.

My journey to Linux:

I think it was +/- 1999, I discovered in a store a magazine with CD, on the cover Tux in the hand he held an Unreal Turnament Blaster.
I was immediately fascinated by a completely different operating system.
At that time even the graphical installation was something for Linux Gurus.
With the description from the booklet I finally managed to install Linux. But I could only test it directly after the installation, after a reboot Linux didn't know my username and password anymore and I just couldn't log in.

A few years later I saw SUSE Linux Enterprise in a store, it was not exactly cheap but I bought it, as clueless as I was and without internet so much I could do with it or handle it :joy:.

every now and then a Linux distro landed on my PC - Ubuntu, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Arch Linux.

But the fscking gravitation .............. is now gone!


Garuda Linux rocks!
I love the Dr460nized KDE edition, the colors, the icons that are perfectly matched.
Garuda is unique and stands out, at the same time it is very brave, braver than others.

Thanks for such a great Linux distro.

But all nice words do not let the fact disappear that our world is ruled by money, a small donation went out yesterday from me to you.

Keep up the good work. :+1:


Pleased the whole Garuda team, thank you for the donation



welcome soldier

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Welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:


Me, too!

:smiley: :fireworks:


Gotta love your alliteration. Welcome to Garuda Linux! :smiley:


my first linux was also in a book back sleeve cd -> Slackware-3.1 - In the Unix Bible book.