76 Days on Garuda, 50 on Forum

Preface - since trying Gentoo way back in the 'odds', I bought Linux-friendly hardware, intending to cross over, someday.


  • Has performed faultlessly throughout - no complaints, whatsoever.
  • Updated daily, again - no problems.
  • BTRFS balance performed weekly - thanks to members on that thread, for explanations and theory.
  • Fast, responsive and hands down, gorgeous. Many thanks to 'Da Team'


  • Regular Forum members have been friendly, welcoming and supportive, throughout. Sure, some cultural, language and character differences exist, but always things are resolved in a friendly and polite way. The cooperation has been a real revelation and is to be admired. Thanks to one and all!
  • There is a real nice base of genuine talent, knowledge and help available here.
  • The humour here, is the best. End of. Always cheered by time here - more thanks.

So - to sum up...Spot-on and many thanks to the Devs, Team and Members, who make this such a fresh and captivating experience I have, of Linux OS's and I'm so glad I am here. It's been a blast, thus far.

I look forward to haunting you for quite some time :rofl:


You 'learnt' linux very quickly in that case :laughing:! Lots of reading and whoogling assume?


Yep - some kit I had baulked at once and I always preferred the fidelity of AMD/ATI GPU's, fortunately.

Edit - the building of Gentoo Kernel was a nightmare I never want to relive :rofl:


You may not realize this, but the 'core' consists of a small group of very talented people, most having known each other for a length of time. To say that we're a bit of a clique would be an understatement.

And you just stumbled in here. :rofl:

Passing over everything that you have done to insert yourself into this clique--and I'm certain I'm not the only one to thank you--you have become as indispensable to the forum, as Norm was to Cheers.

That's as succinctly as I can state it.

Hey, Norm! :rofl:


Even a total 'thicko' like me sees this and am so grateful for it.

What can I say - someone up there loves me :rofl:

Aw! - That's quite the compliment, as Norm was the loveable one :blush:

Thanks, @c00ter

Love, Norm (hey! I like it) :smile: