2023: What are you looking forward to (or hoping to see) in the world of Linux

Personally, I'm looking forward to and/or hoping for:

  • Progress on the immutable distros Fedora and OpenSUSE have been working on.
  • Further software and maybe hardware improvements to Intel Arc GPUs, I really would like to see a third competitor--particularly one with a good track record of Linux support--in the GPU space.
  • Accelerated progress and adoption of Wayland+Pipewire
  • Progress on HDR in Linux
  • Maybe a peak at a semi-complete "Cosmic DE" from System76 (just out of curiosity)

Peace on mirth; goodwill toward clams.

Oh, Linux! True 1080p streaming from providers (HBO Max, Prime, etc.).

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Better HiDPI support and that the Plasma panels can replace Latte almost completely (I won't hope for a complete replacement) :slight_smile:
Actually wait... maybe I can hope the Plasma panels will be even better than Latte was ^^


If you have 11+ gen Intel processor you need a kernel parameter, otherwise yout Nvidia card is suddenly a NoVideo(TM) Card. I hope a year is enıugh for this to be fixed.





I would like to have conky support for sway WM and nvdia drivers for it too (it isn't my fault that i have nvidia builtin in my laptop because when i bought my laptop i didn't knew i would be a linux user )


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