2 days Auto-Close thread

I am new to Garuda ( that I love) and new to this forum.
Though I used a lot of forum along the years.

I was curious to learn about the logic to Auto-Close topic that didn't received any reply for 2 days ?

  • I recently opened a thread and wanted to give some feedback 3 days later and could not.
  • do you think it's possible 3 month later, or even longer, someone could register the forum and bring usefull comments to a thread ?
  • you probably already know but I think, closing discussion too fast could help to create " duplication of topics" as comments on existing topics are not allowed if they were not very active.

Continue the good work !

JF, MTL, Canada

Only topics which you mark as 'solved' like your topic:

Solved topic will be locked / archived after 2 days of inactivity.
I also had a little discussion about that see:

If you know how the forum works you can prevent this.


So that people do not keep on asking on the same topic, that was already solved months ago.

Nope, because it is rarely "useful". Most of the time, people ask on the same thread (though discourse showing similar thread is to blame :wink:)

Maybe we may consider changing it to a week instead of 2 days.

Actually it was not a problem earlier, when we had few traffic and few people to continue old thread. But now, it is a bit difficult to keep the forums "clean" and even more irritating when people continue months old discussion, with an altogether different issue.


Btw, here is a very recent example for you,


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