2 and 1/2 Years of Garuda

Thanks for 2 and 1/2 Years of Garuda

Since I've had nothing to complain or document since October 2022 I thought I leave some feedback.
There is not much to say.

I had to re-setup Garuda once after a power outage and corrupted filesystem which I did not spend much time on trying to recover that.
Since, Backups, Backups, Backups!

In my 7 years working full time as an IT-Guy the last 2 and 1/2 years have been the best considering Distro wise.

Before I used Garuda there was Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Manjaro, Antergos, Mint and of course just Arch.
All of them lasted for around 1 year.

Thanks for the great and hassle free time!


Grea review, after something over a year I have to say the same.
I didn't have a crash/issue due to power outage tho.
But I also was on Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo before. I just simply left out Arch. :slight_smile:


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