1080p Streaming Revisited - Mar 2022

Newest fun toy in the never ending quest to achieve 1080p dpi streaming on the major platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc.) is the AUR package AUR (en) - qtwebflix-git (QTWebflix) EDIT: the GIT version

It's not only for Netflix, as its title may imply. It is easily configurable to use other providers with simple terminal commands.

As an aside, I have it providing full 1080 HD in Netflix, what feels like such in HBOMax, but haven't gotten better than 720 in Amazon Prime. Yet--I've only started toying with it. I should also mention that widevine decryption and qt5-webengine support can vary at times. I have not tried it with any providers other than Netflix, Prime, or HBOMax.

I do not like Microsoft products, but worse, I like receiving what I pay to get and when I can't get 1080p in Linux it creates a resentment that is difficult to overcome. QTWebflix is yet another one of those Linux thangs help me to do so.


I have no setting menu :smiley:


After first start, no .conf file in the path and syntax Netflix=https://netflix.com is wrong.
Correct is here


"Also supports adding other streaming services. Go to ~/.config/Qtwebflix/Providers.conf and add your service.



But in the end, it work :slight_smile:


I guess I should explain "easily configurable."

From a terminal:
qtwebflix --provider netflix.com
qtwebflix --provider hbomax.com


It 'defaults' to Netflix upon first-run, then to whichever streaming service was last run.

EDIT: Installing and running even works while booted into a live Garuda dr460nized environment (as of this post).


I "stupidly" just installed the program in the "hope" that I would find the settings there.
Next time I'll look for the git first, that's all :smiley:


This did in fact solve a problem I had - much better than using 2 browser profiles :smiley: nice find!


What I find fascinating is the widevine & qt5-webengine solution. It's there; open, notorious, and easy to use and understand. Some web browser plugins do (somewhat) work on some streaming platforms but it's a PIA to dig around in their code. I like that qtwebflix is so much more open. Fun to play with. :wink:

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Yeah, their github page has full explanations of QTWebflix' usage. I apologize for not putting more emphasis on that fact, as well as usage I found to work for me. It could almost be considered a necessity. :wink:

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