1.2gb ram on boot up? Anyway to slim this down?

On other distros i’ve noticed it only runs around 480mb to 540mb , this is using over 1.2-1.3gb ram at boot up with almost same packages and drivers installed, not sure why though. Any ideas how to make it slimmer? I’m currently using KDE Lite.

Perhaps even do a barebones iso with most of the garuda packages and welcome app installed so we can install our drivers ourselves.

Unused ram is wasted ram

But still if you want to lower the ram usage at startup

You can remove content of


And disable systemd services

We sacrifice ram usage for the responsiveness and speed.

So our edition uses more ram than other distros


There are some systemd services which you might not use. To disable open the terminal and type “sudo systemctl disable --now” and press tab. It will show you which services can be disabled.
You might want to disable bluetooth for example if you dont use it.